Peanut Butter Cookie

This ice cream is basically cookies and cream ice cream with a ribbon of peanut butter in it. Sounds like a real winner to me.

That being said, the balance just isn’t here for me in this flavor. The peanut butter overwhelms the subtly of the cookies and cream. And for some reason, the peanut butter has a strange texture to it. Some bites are overpowered by the peanut butter, while others I am able to slightly make out the cookies and cream flavors. It’s not overly sweet, which is nice. And as per usual in Ben and Jerry’s cookies and cream, there are some nice chunks of cookie.

If you’re a huge fan of peanut butter, this ice cream might be for you. But I was hoping for the other flavors to come through a bit more.

All in all, I’m not impressed with this flavor, which is disappointing, since I had high hopes.

Overall: 6/10

Likelihood to eat it again: Not likely