When is it okay to start querying a new project? Do you need to wait for all the stragglers to come back with rejections or can I simply wait out the typical 6-8 week window and move on?

In my opinion, if you decide it’s time to shift gears and query another project, you should look at that strategically. Ideally, when sending your queries out, you aren’t querying EVERY agent at once. Likely you’re sending out small batches of queries. (If you aren’t sending out small batches of queries, please reconsider. Sending out large batches won’t allow you to change your query, or adjust your work easily based on feedback).

So, if you are sending out these small batches of queries — I would send to the agents that you haven’t queried in the longest period of time, then move down your list from there.

BIG NOTE HERE, I am not an agent. This is my thought based on my own querying experience (and what I’ve seen some agents mention in interviews). I think it’s safe to query a new project to agents you’ve already queried if you’ve given at least 6 weeks in between projects. You don’t need everyone to say¬†no to your previous project before moving on. (There will be some agents who will never reply)

Some agents may have given interviews where they specifically say how often is too often to query new projects — so if you’re really concerned, I’d look at agent interviews for details.

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