Asher remembers nothing from the night in 1968 that the cops found him covered in his girlfriend’s blood. Though he knows he’d never hurt anyone, least of all Olivia. He’s sentenced to five years at the Dozier Reform School. And like Asher’s memory, Dozier hides violent secrets of its own.

Juvenile boys serving time for everything from truancy to murder are hidden away in the sinister Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. Those who manage to escape its bounds with broken bones and scars are the lucky ones. Asher’s afraid he may end up like many of the other students buried beneath unmarked graves. Worse, his fellow inmates may become his next victims.

In hopes of recovering the events from the night of the murder, Asher visits the school’s psychiatrist. But when the memories return, he finds many aren’t his own. Thoughts, feelings, and visions from another’s life slip into his mind. And each new memory brings consequences. First days disappear, then weeks. As the weeks slip away, students follow. When he wakes up outside covered in blood with no memory of the days before, he fears he’s killed someone else.

As Asher’s possible body count grows, he knows the answers he needs are trapped within his own mind. He needs to prove the murders aren’t connected to him or risk losing his sanity and freedom forever.

After You Died is no longer in print.