From the moment I was born, I knew that I would always come second to my sister. Bright, popular, beautiful – she has always been everything that I’m not. But when she vanishes without a trace I know deep down I’m the only person who can find her.

I haven’t spoken to my sister Evianna in years, not since a shocking accident tore our lives apart and sent us to opposite sides of the country. For years I have worked as a social worker and Evianna is a successful online celebrity. Our lives couldn’t be more different.

But then I get the call. Evianna is missing and her husband Simon needs my help. Arriving at their palatial home, I expect to find Simon wracked with worry for her safety but if anything he seems more worried about what her devoted fans will think.

Scratching beneath the surface of their picture-perfect life, I discover that they were not the golden couple everyone thought. They had secrets they were desperate to hide. But then again as young sisters, so did we.

As Simon’s behaviour becomes more threatening towards me, a feeling of deep dread starts to swell. I think he knows our secret. But how far will he go to make me pay for happened and can I find my sister before it’s too late?

A totally gripping psychological thriller about toxic sisterhood and dark secrets that will have you reading just one more chapter until you reach the shocking final twist. Perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, The Woman in the Window and Gone Girl.

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