As I walk further down the logging road, the faint smell of fire on the wind startles me. But it can’t be – it must be in my imagination. I pick up my pace, walking quicker. It can’t all be in my mind. The glow, the thickening stink, it all hits me at once. My hand trembles as I reach for my phone, adrenaline already hitting my blood. There’s another body, a second victim in Saranac Lake.

When the remains of a young woman are discovered on the edge of picturesque Saranac Lake, Detective Harlow Durant races to the scene. The area is already under watch after hikers discovered several bodies, stabbed to death in the national park. But, as Harlow stares at the charred remnants of an innocent, young life, she knows that this is a different killer with a very twisted motive.

The victim is identified as 26-year-old Ellie Gordon – a seemingly normal girl, with no known enemies. But, as Harlow begins to piece together the evidence, another body is discovered at the lake. The only connection, a man they used to date. But why would he want them dead?

With a small community reeling in shock, Harlow knows time is running out to piece together the only lead she has, before another woman loses her life. But soon, she is confronted by a woman who brings her face-to-face with the secret she has spent her life running from. And when her car is violently run off the road, Harlow has to question whether this case has become too personal.

Can Harlow confront her demons, to save another innocent life from being lost? And just how much is she prepared to sacrifice?

From the best-selling author of Next Girl To Die comes a chilling serial killer thriller, perfect for fans of Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot, and Robert Dugoni’s Tracy Crosswhite series.


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